U.S. Attacks Iran and Saudi Arabia. F*** :( The Begin of World War 3? – [Virus Alert!]

Scam Signature Messages:

U.S. Attacks Iran and Saudi Arabia. F***  The Begin of World War 3?

Why it’s a Scam:

If any one click the link that shown in the facebook wall it takes a page look like same as CNN website. look the screen capture below in the end of URL address there is a CNN it not mean by this is as a original CNN website but people think its CNN this is the advantage of scammers. once click the play button it will pop up a message with saying update your flash Player after proceeding it automatically download harmful executable files to computer. in this cause people think ohh :) my flash player is going to update . so think Twise when downloading any exeutable file or .exe file to the computer. and installing the executable contain a malware that make your computer vulnerable to the scammer 

How to Deal with this Scam:

If you done this scam unfortunalely then you are fooling your friends also because it post automatic scam signature message to your wall you need to remove the scam message through a option given by every post to edit or delete. and also clean your browser and check any unwanted application installed or not if it found remove them also from your account 

if your friends are get fooled by this types of scames and viruses it's time to get update your knwledge about latest threads be the part of this blog by clicking the like button that provided for this blog

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