Issue Over facebook and google in india

Recently As we all know, that the supreme court of India has asked many social networking sites to remove all content which are Unexpectable by our Indian society..

many people are making fun of our social leaders,cricketers, politicians, social workers and many people this is not good in good sense. ofcourse it can be good for some peoples to take revenge and also to make fun.anyway our court has raised good point, i really appreciate our supreme court. Everything have two sides. by looking at all these things, court has given order to social networking sites to remove all anti-social, anti-religious, disrespectful contents.This action by our court is taken for more then 22 sites.

court has given time limit upto 6th february to the social networking sites to give reports to court about what actions are taken by them to stop these sort of things. i hav few examples which are reallly bad.this i am just posting not for fun, just to show everyone that its not  good  Look at this video and image that created by peoples

Court had given high pressure on both google and facebook to wanting to block obsence contents. lawyers of google and facebook agreed that blocking certain keywords that realated to the word ‘obscene’ will limit the internet. “There is a civil parish called Penistone, in England. Blocking all content with this keyword would mean that residents of this parish might never figure on internet,” said a Facebook lawyer.
This is what the fun making of people with the great indian cricket playar bad.this i am just posting not for fun,------------------------------>

all these are shameful so court has taken its some strict decisions hope we should stop these fun which can hurt someone's respect

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