Top 5 facebook secret that you Should know

The Meaning of the Term Poke Has Never Been Defined.

Facebook is explains how “poking” works on its help center page for poke but there’s no explanation to be found for the origin of the phrase why it is the secret of facebook?.  The most common meaning  is a friendly “nudge,”. It means what you want to think  Some people poke you because they think it's funny. Some people poke you because they like you. Others poke you because they're horny. Basically, there's no clear meaning to what the poke is, but it's just there to initiate conversation.Zuckerberg once responded to a question about what a poke meant on the social networking site with: “We thought it would be fun to make a feature that has no specific purpos. So mess around with it, because you’re not getting an explanation from us.”

Hide your personal Photos From a group of people.

your friends list that people you dont know personally you can take privacy steps to your photos by hiding from strangers. all you need to create a list for those are strangers for you. Click "Create a List," then find friends and add them to your new list and name your list something that you can remember Next click Privacy Settings Click "Custom" in the left panel, then "Customize settings" below the chart. Scroll down to that anything you want to hide click the drop down menu next to it, then click "Custom" yet again. Yes this takes a while. Facebook likes people to be open. finally under hide enter the name of the group you created and you are done! its the first thing about facebook secret.

Enable secure browsing and Login Notifications.

By enabling secure browsing we can able browse through a secure connection by changing HTTP to HTTPS. if u enable https it help to reduce your chance of geting loss your password. for enabling secure browsing go through Account setting and click security tab. under the security tab look up Seccure browsing
and then u can done!. login notification is one of the major facebook secret and security fuction in facebook. by enabling Login notification we can get notification for every login via email and text to registered mobile number. in every login notification email it have the device name and ip address that you or unknown person logged in to your account. and a link for recovering if the login was not authorised. to enable login notification go through Account setting and click security tab. under the security tab look the login notification and enable either you want notifications via email or texts or both. note if you want login notification via text then first you should register your account with facebook mobile.

customize Your facebook profile URL for peoples easy to find you.

By Creating A unique customized URL for your profile makes good mean to your account and peoples can find easily by just typing your username after the once create a username it will not able to change for any reason so you should care about the word you are going to select. You can personalize your Facebook URL (web address) by selecting a unique username. It will appear in the location bar of your browser after "" when you view your profile (timeline) or Page. for selecting the unique web address go through this link  You Are Done!.

Why Facebook keeping blue color from the logo to mobile app?

It is the top one of the facebook secret. facebook is keeping the blue color from the starting the original faceboook even in blue to the mobile app and even the facebook logo. the young facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg is color blind but can see blue. it is the true fact but it is not the reason why faceook is blue

Colors don’t matter much to Zuckerberg; a few years ago, he took an online test and realized that he was
 red-green color-blind. Blue is Facebook’s dominant color, because, as he said, “blue is the richest color for me - I can see all of blue and facebook is the not only internet brand love color the blue is the most popular and dominant color among the top 100 sites in the world.

Update: Emil Kostov sends this note on why Facebook maybe sticking with blue:

It is part of their well planned Marketing plan. Most colors distract and make the human eye focus on them while blue act as a transparent palette for 65% of time spending watching the main background aka index space. It is well known also that blue color is the nirvana for the brain, as well green. Well, their choice make the competition envy most of the time.

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