Impress your freinds with cool Facebook tricks

Today there are few facebook tricks to impress your friends some may are the hols in facebook and some of the tricks are not holes but an alternative way to do the same thing. below are some most  tricks that users love more.

1. Update a Blank facebook normal way we cant do a blank or empty facebook status update but using a code we can post a blank status update by posting this code on your status  " @[0:0: ] " copy paste this code and post the status.

 2. Tag any facebook fan page in coments that you liked or not liked in normal way we can tag only the page we liked. we can do this firs locate the page ID for example in this page look the id  "178689355489226"  write this  to @+[178689355489226:0] and copy paste to comment then remove the " + " sign then hit enter. same as this any page in facebook we can tag.

3.  Make a fake screen shot of status update or profile any part of facebook using a free website  for an example see below a funny screen shot.

4.  Automatically do poke back it is possible by with a script  called Facebook Autopoke. now this is availble as an app .by using this it automatically poke back your friends.

5.  The power of facebook search feuture. Not everybody knows how powerful facebook search is.
Facebook search has a lot of advanced options to help you search like a professional
A complete list of search tips for Facebook can be found in the Help section of

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